Cross-border e-commerce

  • In recent years, the international economic development has been continuously sluggish. The market environment has been deteriorating, and the competition has become increasingly fierce.

  • The development of small and medium-sized enterprises is restricted by factors such as capital, talents and market. With the development of Internet technology, the emergence of cross-border e-commerce has attracted the attention of Chinese government and enterprises.

  • E-commerce has become a new mode of trade. On the one hand, it can solve the problem of insufficient enterprise resources; on the other hand, it can realize the rational allocation of enterprise resources.

  • E-commerce is of great significance to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises oriented by foreign trade. It can help small and medium-sized enterprises effectively to solve problems in capital, talents and market, and help them develop and grow.

  • The rapid development of e-commerce has given rise to a new form of international trade, namely cross-border e-commerce. Its development has a great influence on the development of traditional foreign trade.

  • Based on the development status of cross-border e-commerce in China, this paper analyzes the influence of the development of cross-border e-commerce on China’s foreign trade mode, and proposes foreign trade pattern transformation strategies in order to provide reference for the development of cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade in China.

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International air freight

  • MIS SHIPPING CO international air freight forwarding services are built on speed, dependability and cost-efficient solutions. We understand that air freight forwarding is a premium service, so we have developed a solution with the right mix of transit options, costs analysis, and shipment visibility to deliver your freight where and when you need.

  • Our air freight forwarding service provides a timely solution to help improve your speed to market, prevent stock out situations, and keep up with the demand from constantly changing trends.

  • MIS SHIPPING CO maintains relationships with core air carriers on all key trade lanes, enabling direct and one-stop service on a global basis.

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International sea freight

  • The lowest rates, the shortest transit times. MIS shipping co is the largest tariff search engine in the world for international shipping. We compare all available cargo delivery options at your request and arrange their transportation and insurance. We provide transparency and control, the cheapest price and the fastest transit time.

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Rail and road freight

  • Rail freight forwarding is the most cost-effective solution for transporting bulky and heavy items across long distances. Trains are typically used for transporting raw products such as coal or steel. At MIS shipping co, In the near future and after the development of the railway system in Egypt we can organize the transportation of your goods by rail freight or other efficient shipping services.

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Supply chain

  • Supply chains cover the entire movement of the goods to the customers and include the transport and storage of the raw materials, as well as the forwarding and storage of the ready products. The International freight forwarders work together for creating interconnected networks for product supply and delivery which are in demand by the end customers of each supply chain.

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  • Our Shipping & Logistics project team has the capability and experience to handle big or small projects has a specialized Projects Division manned by dedicated professionals, managing the transportation and logistics of shipments originating from any part of the world.

  • We find solutions for all specific customer requirements, project handling service package, international multi-modal transportation, customs clearance, inland transportation from port to the project site, route surveys, documentation insurance.

  • The true capabilities of a project forwarder only become apparent when transporting heavy-lift or oversize industrial equipment to inland remote sites, especially in areas with poor infrastructure.

  • As a specialized project logistics provider you can depend us for providing planning, implementation, execution and customer services you can trust.

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